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Stacey Louiso


“Writing is both an innate ability and a form of expression for me. It is a blessing and gift from God, that I enjoy most when done for His glory! He lets me know the words flowing through me are from Him (I certainly wouldn’t choose be awoken at 4am to write). I am grateful and know it is part of my purpose in life to use it to serve Him and inspire others.”

~ Stacey Louiso

Perpetually the optimist, Stacey Louiso seeks the Truth and beauty in everything around her. Thus inspiring her to lay the foundation for attribute magazine.com, an online publication she created/operated from 2007-2010. She went on to co-author and edit the Christian non-fiction book Walking Through Fiery Trials: A Year of Loss, Learning and Faith with the amazing Mary Pat Jones (Barringer Publishing, 2011) and has been blessed to continue serving others in their writing efforts, as an editor and mentor. Stacey is a poet and worship artist, who presently serves in street outreach and art ministry in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

A disciple of Jesus Christ, lover of life and an adventurer in spirit, she aspires to make the world a better, more positive place for anyone with ears to hear. Stacey attributes any successes to her personal relationship with Jesus Christ who gives her hope and strength through all things, integrity, and an unending supply of inspiration.

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“My prayer is that whatever God flows through me, blesses/ministers to you in some way! I am always thrilled to see comments and be contacted by readers!  May the JOY and PEACE of the LORD reside in your hearts forever!”

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