Singing Thanksgiving to Adonai

I am singing of grace and justice; I am singing to you, Adonai. 2 I will follow the path of integrity; when will you come to me? I will run my life with a sincere heart inside my own house. 3 I will not allow before my eyes any shameful thing. I hate those who act crookedly; what Read More

Toasting God: Celebrating Nine Years in His Presence

Nine years ago on October 27th (2009), I recommitted my life to God. I was born again into the arms of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Baptized a day later in holy waters at a ministry in Georgia I had spent 10 years saying ‘no’ to, I came out anew. Before then, I’d gone so far Read More

Interviewed by Alisha Jones, October 5 2018

The below interview was originally posted on the blog where Alisha frequently features indy authors and reviews books. It was such an honor and blessing to be included as a feature author on October 5, 2018…Enjoy! October 5, 2018 Written By: Alisha Jones Good Friday morning to all of my readership! I hope you’re looking Read More