The Excruciating Pain Jesus Christ Endured on the Cross

  No pain I could ever be in, could compare to the excruciating pain of the man named Jesus Christ who hung on the cross. Taking upon him as he died, the weight of every person’s sin from that moment till eternity. Today, Christians around the world celebrate that risen man. One who was wholly Read More

Merry CHRISTmas 2016

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song, “Mary Did You Know?” on the radio. As a new believer, probably by one year, I had been struggling to make the true Jesus connection. But low and behold, God knew how to reach in and help me along the way. I completely understood that Read More

Thy Will be Undone (Part 4)

Don’t Fret, Fix Your Mess! If you feel you’ve made a mess of things, don’t fret! It is easier than you think to get on the right path. First you need to go to God in prayer, openly recognizing and take responsibility for your actions. Secondly, repent to God for going against His will and Read More