The Excruciating Pain Jesus Christ Endured on the Cross

  No pain I could ever be in, could compare to the excruciating pain of the man named Jesus Christ who hung on the cross. Taking upon him as he died, the weight of every person’s sin from that moment till eternity. Today, Christians around the world celebrate that risen man. One who was wholly Read More

Why We Should Not Covet What Others Have

To confess a sin to God, gives us much power over our enemy; it opens us up to receive God’s mercy and grace – which he gives us willingly in our weakness. I am guilty of asking a particular question of Him, and I’m not proud of it. In fact, as recently as this morning Read More

Why I’ll Never Tell Someone They Are Going to Hell

I remember it clearly…the anguish and urgency in his voice during our phone call as he questioned me on whether his parents, who are tried and true Jehovah’s Witnesses, would go to hell because of their “religion.” This 40 year-old-man to whom God had entrusted me as a witness, struggled his entire life with the Read More