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Why I Broke Up with Facebook

Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. (1 Corinthians 10:14) At the beginning of August (2019) I broke up with Facebook after trying to break free from the social media site,  for nearly two years. This decision was backed by a plethora of reasons. I realize it  is a very counter cultural thing to do but Read More

Living a Stone’s Throw from God’s Majestic Mountains: The Beginning

As a child, I would often go on road trips and vacations with my great-grandparents. They were amazing people and I don’t believe I appreciated them well enough while they were living (I certainly tried but kids are sometimes narrow minded). I never would have had the opportunity to even take a “vacation” growing up, Read More

Book Editing Project, Those Crazy Corinthians, is Now Available

Hello friends! It has been a busy season. I am excited to announce that an editing project that kept be busy earlier in the summer has now been published and I thought to share. Those Crazy Corinthians, Are We Any Different by Pastor Gene Simco, is a teaching commentary that explores both letters to the Corinthians Read More