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Updates from Stacey Louiso

Hello friends!   I pray you are well and blessed! It’s been a while since I posted updates to the blog on life happening outside of the blog -o-sphere, and realized I probably should! 🙂  And, once I have completed what I need to do in order to launch my book (see below), I’ll hopefully get Read More

Jehovah Rapha – The LORD Your Healer

April 9, 2018: My confidence is in the LORD, in all things. Over the course of the past two weeks my dependency upon Jehovah Rapha – the LORD my (and your) healer – has been great. There was a sudden issue with my left knee that was quite debilitating; this same knee has been injured Read More

The Excruciating Pain Jesus Christ Endured on the Cross

  No pain I could ever be in, could compare to the excruciating pain of the man named Jesus Christ who hung on the cross. Taking upon him as he died, the weight of every person’s sin from that moment till eternity. Today, Christians around the world celebrate that risen man. One who was wholly Read More