Taking Back Love

Remaining content in God alone is not an easy walk to walk but if you are steadfast and obedient, you will take back the love that others have stolen from you. You will find wholeness and be fulfilled in the love He has to bestow, above anything the world has to offer.

Book Review: Rust by Corbin Bernsen

Rust is a novel based on the film by the same name, which starred the author, Corbin Bernsen. I did not see the film so cannot compare the two and that’s probably a good thing, because I normally refuse to see films based on books I’ve read due to constant disappointment in the screenplay writer Read More

Creative Calling: To Love…

{With intention of utilizing this blog as an extension of the ministry placed on my heart, The Potter’s Clay Cafe, I begin including more posts/shards of His wisdom, for those creative souls out there.} Our Creative Calling: First and foremost, to show His LOVE (agape!!) We are called to do more than create, we are Read More