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Do Not Love the World Nor the Things of the World Part 3

By trusting, you are being protected by God’s power for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. You rejoice in this greatly, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials. These trials are so that the true metal of your faith (far more valuable than gold, which perishes though refined by fire) may come to light in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Messiah Yeshua. Though you have not seen Him, you love Him. And even though you don’t see Him now, you trust Him and are filled with a joy that is glorious beyond words, receiving the outcome of your faith—the salvation of your souls. (1 Peter 1:5-9 TLV)

As I lie there, under the tree cover and barely dark sky, the verses from 1 John 2 that had been infiltrating my thoughts – and Bible study time – for months, came rushing to me. Suddenly, I felt the presence of Adonai pressing heavily upon my being. “Really,” I asked Him aloud, “is this what you’ve been trying to get me to do?” My body and mind completely relaxed for the first time in possibly years! “I cannot believe how free I feel…it’s amazing; I think I could live in a tent!” I smiled up at the sky, then looked over at my dog; I’m not so certain he felt the same way – he was on guard for wild animals all night. He’d get used to it, besides, he loves the outdoors as much as I do.

The relaxation that swept over me that night has stayed with me the whole week following the overnight camping trip. In fact, it ushered in healing in several areas, both physical and mental. The timing, His, as always is perfect: Today is Shavuot and Pentecost. The time between Pesach (Passover) and Shavuot is meant to be a time of spiritual cleansing in order to receive of Him, both The Word and the Spirit of Elohim. In a life walking in the footsteps of Messiah, there are no coincidences. I knew the stress I’ve been under due to my circumstance, my present living situation (yes, still unresolved), and wanting to be released from all of it, had put a chink in my spirit as well as emotionally disruptive. I desperately needed to release it all. I guess finally getting me alone was the only way my gracious Redeemer could perform the needed work to my soul. I feel it and am so grateful He knows what is best and how to subtly persuade me into “place” so He can go to work.

As I lie there awake most of the night, I could hear the rushing waters of the mountain stream about 50 feet behind me. Water. Cleansed by the holder and giver of living water…how appropriate. It actually kept me awake as it was that loud, while also initiating that relaxation imperative for Him to heal, cleanse, perfect. He saved me again this night. I’ve been really tired this entire past week but it’s been a tired I recognize as His hand on me, making me sink into His rest.


The verses I opened with, from 1 Peter 1, is where Adonai sent me in The Word this past week, speaking into me an important message for us all. Again, there is no coincidence that during this season many of us are being  sifted: Just like the wheat brought as a first fruit offering and waved on Shavuot needs to be sifted to be usable and good, so is it necessary for the children of The Most Hight Elohim to be sifted, in order to be usable and “good” for the Kingdom. I am definitely not alone. There are entire congregations recognizing that during the past several months (the Spring Biblical Feast season) they’re being sifted. So, friends, if you are being sifted as well, “You rejoice in this greatly, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials…” and trust that you will be, “receiving the outcome of your faith—the salvation of your souls.”

Amen? Amen! Or, as the Israelites said at Mt. Sinai when asked if they would worship only the ONE TRUE God, as well as all who faithfully walk in Yeshua’s footsteps today, “We do, and we will.”



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