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You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me Part 2

If these knowledgable folks had an identity in Messiah/Christ Jesus before coming to this “truth” it has been left in the dust along the way, to pursue an identity elsewhere; usually in Israel. While those who’ve received Yeshua/Jesus as their Savior and have been baptized by the living waters which flow out of Him, are grafted into Israel (spiritually speaking), that doesn’t mean their heart is in the right condition to enter into the Kingdom as His bride.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me Part 1

Part 1: The 1st Commandment of God is, “You shall have no other gods before Me!” Yet generation after generation of people, from Eden to Egypt to Bablylon, through today, cannot follow what began as one simple rule (do not eat from that tree), that led to ten words, then 613 laws. Followed by a complete oral law created and then passed down through Israel’s generations, most of whom still could not abide in Yahweh. Why could they not allow themselves to be liberated from bondage?

A Reminder on the 10 Commandments of The One True God

The intention of this post is to set up the next several blog installments. It is necessary, as it seems many people are forgetting (or do not know) what the 10 Commandments, or Words, of YHVH say, and completely miss the 1st Commandment, or Word, and how it applies to the other 9 given.