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Stranger in a Strange Land

The entire time I lived in Blount County, near Knoxville, I struggled to make connections with people. I knew deep within me He had a reason. I would talk to Adonai about this yet always stayed a stranger in a strange land, till the very end of my time there. Why? I understood why: He never intended that I grow roots there – only using it to transition me into the next season. I now believe those years were a bit of a sabbatical for me…

Update: We’re Alive and Very Well!

Hello dear friends! I wanted to send out a quick update and apologize – things since late September have been hectic, not as expected, and awe inspiring at once. Please know, we’re alive and very well! Understand, YHVH (The Almighty) is absolutely atop the mountain transforming lives! To say that YHVH has moved mountains is Read More