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Poem: Anticipating Snow 2020

  A tease is all that unexpectedly fell on an earlier occasion ‘Twas not yet winter, so that it graced the ground, a blessing The higher elevations have since received measurable amounts Trying not to be jealous, rather zealous it would soon make its way Finally! The weather reported, we’re anticipating snow Just enough here, Read More

When Pain is a Liar

There are times when pain, whether physical or emotional, and feeling alone is being used by the enemy of our souls as a tool to bring us down, and keep us down. Be wise, learn to discern. Often – just like the enemy of our souls – pain and loneliness are liars; they deceive us Read More

While We’re Waiting for the World to End, Let’s Have Mercy

There are days, with how things are playing out around us, I  wish the LORD would return,  the world would end and we’d all be put out of our misery. What I witness, before me, I know must break God’s heart if it breaks my own. I’ve said and thought all of this before, it’s Read More