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Why We Are Commanded to Honor Our Employer

While I have moments of still wanting my freedom; to do my own thing and be on my own. I do not believe it is presently His plan for me, so I shut those thoughts down enough to be grateful, to show up and be present, and perform the duties of the role to the best of my ability. For now, I glory at how He reminds me why we are commanded to honor our employer – both on earth and in heaven. 

An Unusual Albeit Necessary Post Regarding Chemical Warfare

This post is not meant to incite fear, it is meant to move you into action. First and foremost, to pray for The Father’s intercession in stopping such things, if it is His will. Secondly, to learn a tactic of evil that you may not ever have thought of in warfare; and, more importantly, to bring awareness. It combines topics I am concerned with: addiction and geopolitics. It is an unusual but necessary post regarding chemical warfare.