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Your Mission: Serve Where You Are Planted Part 3

I’ve lived in Oakland, California and done street outreach in Over-the Rhine, the most horrible area of Cincinnati, Ohio…Yet, I cannot even begin to understand or properly describe what I see happening around me, in the city I presently reside in. Deeds of darkness abound. The face of evil is new and sinister. While I am aware that it’s dangerous to interact with these people, I am compelled in my spirit. As the title says, “Your Mission: Serve Where You Are Planted”

Your Mission: Serve Where You Are Planted Part 2

From the first encounter I had with darkness, on the street in front of my house, I knew what Abba was telling me…Your Mission: Serve where you are planted…I share none of this to toot my own horn – not for a moment – only to share how the God of the universe and the Savior of this word is not silent. He is moving us into position to do HIS will.