Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley of The Shadow of Death Part 1

Stepping out in faith has become a part of the fabric of my being. I don’t merely practice it, I live it out loud. To say I am grateful for the whole of this revelation would be a huge understatement and I ask you to prayerfully walk through what I will bring to light, for this again is an act of obedience. I believe that Adonai will restore what the locusts have eaten as I continue to walk by faith, not by sight.

Update on My Friend’s Situation

I want to thank anyone who had been praying for my friend Keith. The Father saw fit to have mercy and take him on to glory on 12/29/22, rather than to keep him here with us. I will share something amazing: This past Saturday (12/24/22) night The Father, spoke to Mandy and me at the same Read More

Obedience to the God Who Moves Mountains Part 2

I cannot ask for the Father to miraculously extend Keith’s life, although that would be the biggest blessing and miracle of them all and I surely can believe for it. Rather, to have mercy upon him.  To lift Mandy up to Him because she is understandably devastated. She is a sweet soul with a rough edge and I don’t want her edge to get thicker but to become softer.