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And So It Begins: I Am Writing Book Number 3!

I have some exciting news to share: After many years, I am finally writing another book!
I’ve had this book project on my heart for quite a while; in fact, Adonai gave me the title way back in 2010. I love how He works to prepare our hearts in advance, for things to come. This is a book that I hope and pray will touch the lives of many people. And, as with anything I write, my desire and His is that it reaches anyone who may benefit, not only Believers in Yeshua/Jesus.

While the entire book is not complete, today I began to put it together on a document. I love that my iPages (Apple word-processing software) has a book template. Not only could I start putting my handwritten portions onto a document, I also designed the cover and interior pages! Below is a sneak peak!

Friends, I covet your prayers over my life, health, and mind, as I continue to work on this project. I intend to offer it in ebook and print on demand. I’ll update you when I’m approaching time to publish. I’m so humbled to be entrusted with the subject of this book by The Almighty. I hope also, when the time comes, you’ll help me spread the word so His work through me can minister to many hearts!

Blessings and shalom!


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