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Quick update on the Your Mission Posts

I wanted to share a quick update to Part 2 of the “Your Mission: Serve Where You Are Planted” series. Firstly, a couple of days after I had a bad experience with a neighbor, I found a note stuck in my mailbox. I’ve inserted a picture of it above but it says:
I am sorry for being rud yesterday. Please forgive me if you will I was off base with my wrong attitude.
In Jesus Name I ask.

I was touched that the Lord would do this for me! I have not gone over to talk to this neighbor again (mostly because from across the street I just hear a lot of continual “wrong attitude”) and I’ve been praying on if I should, and the right time. I continue to lift him in prayer.

Secondly, the young man who was tweaking and dropping his clothes all over my front sidewalk…I’ve seen him around a lot lately and he has not been exhibiting that behavior. He did sort of scare a couple from the park a few days ago, more so because he was intruding on their space from where I stood. So, I hope that God is moving in his life. Yet another soul to pray for.

Lastly, this pertains to the man at the park in Part 3:
I guess Adonai had set me into motion in His perfect timing this morning, to head to the park with my pup. That same man was sitting in his SUV. I don’t know if he intended to get out but he certainly did not while I was in the vicinity. However, I did realize two things: 1) I’ve seen him there several times before and didn’t get good “vibes” from him. 2) Unless the two girls playing at the playground were there alone, he has children. More reason to pray for a touch of Adonai to turn him. As I was walking near his vehicle this morning I prayed for this!

I pray you have a blessed week ahead.

1 thought on “Quick update on the Your Mission Posts”

  1. Stacey, I have been walking my neighborhood and praying for the people behind those doors. I believe God is sending us out to reclaim His land in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved your post today.


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