You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me Part 2

If these knowledgable folks had an identity in Messiah/Christ Jesus before coming to this “truth” it has been left in the dust along the way, to pursue an identity elsewhere; usually in Israel. While those who’ve received Yeshua/Jesus as their Savior and have been baptized by the living waters which flow out of Him, are grafted into Israel (spiritually speaking), that doesn’t mean their heart is in the right condition to enter into the Kingdom as His bride.

My Identity is in Christ, Not a Name

Today, I officially regained my maiden name. Not that my identity is tied up in a name… No. However, I couldn’t fathom the thought of legally carrying forth, tied to the life I had with the married name. My identity is in Christ. People know me by my birth name, globally, because of my identity Read More