Book Reviews Have Returned!

September 1, 2015 – By popular demand, I am once again accepting books for review.   Dear Readers,   I am excited to announce that book reviews to the Writing Down Life blog are commencing once again! Preference  is placed on works of non-fiction (Christian and secular), memoirs, and Christian fiction. This falls in alignment with my faith-based blog Read More

Book Review: An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood…

Book Review:  An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood:  How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House By: Darlene Craviotto   A well-crafted piece of writing will keep me reading, non-stop, until the end.  I know good writing: It flows effortlessly, it keeps you engaged and it excites you—making you want more.  An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Read More