The Power of One Prayer

A Prelude Tennessee greeted me with the same power and beauty as it ever had. As I drove over the state line from Kentucky into the Volunteer State, it’s as though God himself, in all of His glory, stood there welcoming me. It was just before 11:00 A.M. on an October Saturday morning. A fine, Read More

A Poem: “Clinging to Romans 8:28”

“Clinging to Romans 8:28” There are seasons in life through which we must go. God uses these to help us grow. Sometimes that growth is beautiful, other times painful. Praying. Seeking. Continuing. Ceasing. Free will vs. His will. Life with all its ebbs and flows Who knows…who knows? God. Omniscient. All things work together for Read More

Grace till the End

I had never heard of Joey Feek until her battle with cancer was made so very public. I had no idea she and her husband Rory were musicians and devout followers of Jesus Christ. Having never experienced her voice singing out to our Lord, I didn’t understand why yet another celebrity death was being made Read More