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A Poem: “Clinging to Romans 8:28”

Romans 8v28

“Clinging to Romans 8:28”

There are seasons in life through which we must go.
God uses these to help us grow.
Sometimes that growth is beautiful, other times painful.
Praying. Seeking. Continuing. Ceasing.
Free will vs. His will.
Life with all its ebbs and flows
Who knows…who knows?
All things work together for good for those who love and purpose for the Lord…
Hold on to that tightly not taking it lightly because He knows…
Trust in it, in Him.
The LORD GOD Almighty
Let Him be the stop and go…
Doing life doesn’t mean we get it right as our hearts and others free will collide
But Hallelujah and Praise the Lord
He knows…

Written by: Stacey R. Louiso, March 12, 2016


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