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Grace till the End

I had never heard of Joey Feek until her battle with cancer was made so very public. I had no idea she and her husband Rory were musicians and devout followers of Jesus Christ. Having never experienced her voice singing out to our Lord, I didn’t understand why yet another celebrity death was being made such a big deal of…I just knew this young, attractive woman was dying and wasn’t afraid for people to be apart of it.

It was hard to avoid hearing about it over the past few months, weeks and days as she faced her obvious fate. I tried not to pay attention to be honest; not because I didn’t care, more because I didn’t want to pry into the private lives of this family. I hate the media and how they play such situations out, making them more difficult on the families than things ought to be. But one day I saw a statement she made about her faith, and little by little, I was drawn into her story. Not fully, but enough to understand what I was witnessing…or rather, Mrs. Feek’s witness.

This was a story not just of a famous woman dying of cancer, it was a testimony of grace…grace till the end. Not just her witness but her husband, Rory Feek, and his faith, grace and love; not just for his beautiful wife but for the Lord. As I leaned in a little closer, I could see that they were preparing for Joey to go home to the Lord. It was written across her face in her last days as she faced the inevitable. Although, this had people praying for her, for a miracle…that God would not take her last breath quite so soon; I wondered if people who don’t normally, were provoked to for Joeys sake…

She passed away in the middle of the afternoon today with her family by her side, and what a statement Rory made to the world. Not, ‘I hate cancer’ but her wish came true, she is in Heaven and renewed. No more sorrow, no more tears…Jesus! What a testimony the example of such love and devotion to God these two have not only shown their children but the world. They accepted whatever God’s will for this situation was and walked through it, hand in hand, with their hand in His…they displayed Faith till the end!

It was a beautiful display of what our lives as those who follow and truly believe in the life of Jesus Christ should exemplify… Grace till the end. Now this little family – a father and his daughters – must walk on through this leg of their lives. Now is when the real testament will begin as they try to do life without their Beloved Joey…wife…mom. I pray people allow them to grieve in peace now that this very public thing has passed. If this was their choice, to make it so public, I can also bet it was God led. Show me to them, He may have whispered…show them how to have My grace till the end.

Today, simply out of curiosity, I decided to listen to the songbird named Joey Feek to see just what the fuss was all about…I was blessed by this moment as I sensed the angels using her as a vessel: she stood on a stage, very modestly dressed (like a pioneer it seemed) and worshipped the Lord for all the world. I got it….she drew people into His love with her sweet voice that probably brought some closer to knowing him than they had before she came on the scene. His glory shone through her entire being! Grace embodied…till the end.

May you sing in the great heavenly chorus Mrs. Feek…sing at the feet of Jesus. I think we’re all assured that you are indeed resting in peace. Amen!


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