Cleaning Out Physical and Spiritual Leaven for Passover – Part 2

The events from my life over the past several years have now been burnt up like a sacrificial offering to my most gracious Adonai. My life has been continuously covered by the blood of the sacrificial Lamb and all has been atoned. I am anointed with oil and Frankincense and am a sweet aroma in His nostrils.

He Hath Put a New Song in my Mouth

The Lord has been opening up something from deep within the bowels of my soul. The Holy Spirit is pulling forth a swelling up and pouring out like none I have experienced to date. This began one summer evening when I was desperate for Him, for his presence, while in an atmosphere where the Holy Read More

Intimate Time with God – Part 2

A Time to Build Up… The next morning, I awoke in the arms of my Lord. His Spirit was flitting all about me as the sun arose between the trees and shone into the bedroom. I love having these intimate times with God. After meditating in the Word, reading in a book and having breakfast, Read More