How Hard is Love (What is that tab for?)

If you haven’t explored this entire site, you may be wondering what the menu tab “How Hard is Love?” is for: How Hard is Love is a book I am researching/writing. I will be uploading exerts from the book, sharing my sources for research, etc., via this site. Here is a link to that page Read More


How Hard is Love? ® (A Work in Progress) Written by: Stacey R. Louiso INTRODUCTION: The most natural of spiritual gifts we are born with, is love. Yet love seems to be one of the most difficult gifts to give and receive. We hear many adjectives used to describe love in its intensity, from glorious Read More

Being of Service: What Does it TRULY Mean?

This post was inspired by unfortunate events, that of the natural disaster kind: Parts of my hometown, in Ohio, was destroyed by a tornado on March 2, 2012. This morning while outside on a jog a message was piecing itself together. Therefore, I am just going to let it flow, organically, into this first blog Read More