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Being of Service: What Does it TRULY Mean?

This post was inspired by unfortunate events, that of the natural disaster kind: Parts of my hometown, in Ohio, was destroyed by a tornado on March 2, 2012. This morning while outside on a jog a message was piecing itself together. Therefore, I am just going to let it flow, organically, into this first blog offering. Ironically, it goes along very well with what “Writing Down Life” means to me.

As a writer, of any genre, how are we, or can we be, of service to those around us? Sure, we can provide a service such as editing, copy writing or even writing an article…but what good comes out of it? How does it serve not only the person/company who pays us, but society as a whole?

If you are a self or creative writer, how does what you write affect people? Does it have a positive impact or are you solely writing out the strange scenarios that play out in your mind for your own purposes?

Personally, being both a creative writer and a journalist, when I sit down to write I always have the audience in mind. I ponder how, what I put out there into the world will impact others. I always want my work, even my poetry, to have a good impact or a meaningful message for the reader. I refuse to produce something that is not going to be good for people’s spirits.

This revelation comes after nearly a lifetime of growth as a writer: When I was younger, the articles I wrote for my high school newspaper came from a deep respect for and of, human interest. I took the time to truly see the person I was writing about. I wrote in a way that was truthful and caring. The outcome was usually very well received. As an adult, I have continued to produce the same kind of quality…even when providing a service to others. When I co-authored/edited my first book, I went above and beyond to not only give the project my all to benefit the person I was working for; to also keep that positivism flowing through a tough topic.

When I went about putting this blogsite together I asked myself a couple of tough questions: 1) How can I make an impact that will be positive and stay true to my writer’s voice and 2) How can I make this blog different than what others seem to be producing?
My goal is to not only educate my audience but also provoke; for I want what I share to be provocative in a way that you walk away maybe a little confused at times. Because if you do, that means I have made you think and perhaps opened your eyes to something new.

Yes, I would like to provide you with the traditional services if you’ll let me, however, I believe my greatest service to you would be being honest, to share the world as I know it (it’s pretty cool out there) and to have a positive spirit that reaches inside your heart and moves you to action.

14 thoughts on “Being of Service: What Does it TRULY Mean?”

  1. My brother encouraged I might possibly similar to this web site. He was thoroughly best. This article basically manufactured my day. It is easy to not contemplate just the amount time I’d spent for this information! Thanks!

  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, too, and when I read this today, it rsnaeoted with me: I believe in magic or want to. I want flying saucers to be true, and I want life to exist on Mars . . . And just at dawn in an eighteenth-century castle built of rose-colored stone in Dumfriesshire, I have reason to think I saw a ghost. All of which is to say I am a congenital believer, a helpless hungerer after the marvelous as solace and adventure and escape. I am also a fabricator, and I am willing to believe that the whole business of God in my life may be something I have fabricated out of my need for solace and adventure if not for escape because religion has never seemed escape to me. Frederick Buechner. I completely see your questions about what happens if someone looks deep within to not find that sense of peace. All I can say is that such a feeling would truly be hell to me. But I expect my own sense of knowing God, believing in God, might seem hell to someone else as well. I’ll keep thinking on this if you will.

    1. Hello & thanks for your comment. Well, if it’s any consolation to you…if God is a figment of my imagination, I’ll keep it! I don’t know where i’d be without my relationship with Him…real of imagined! That true sense of peace that fills me up, daily…priceless! 🙂
      Keep on thinking…i’m all about thinking. 🙂

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