As you Wonder Down That Path Adonai May Be Testing You

There is a path that thousands who call Yeshua/Jesus Christ, LORD, are being led down; this  “ancient path” involves diving so deep into Yahweh’s (God’s) Holy Word that you may not come out the same Believer you once were. This can either be very good or very dangerous. But, be careful as you wonder down that path – Adonai may be testing you.

An Ode to Joe and God

As we bury my cousin Joe today, next to his bride of several decades, who passed before him a little over three years ago…I felt the Lord impress upon my heart in the dark of the night, to share my heart. This in hopes His words and love in this message, will reach those who Read More

Poem: Staring Back at Me

Gazing upon my human reflection I do not recognize “me” Instead, staring back, I see Power, Strength, Beauty, Purity Glory!   Eyes and face aglow, almost electric But I know what I know – that face belongs to Him   Moses wore a veil so no one would see YOUR presence overcoming he But, LORD, Read More