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An Ode to Joe and God

As we bury my cousin Joe today, next to his bride of several decades, who passed before him a little over three years ago…I felt the Lord impress upon my heart in the dark of the night, to share my heart. This in hopes His words and love in this message, will reach those who may need it: Never ever give up on any situation: physical, emotional, spiritual…God gave us a miracle last year in Joe, whom after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he gave a new lease on life. Why? Well, you see Joe gave his life to Christ just before a surgery that he was told he wouldn’t survive. He came through that surgery and out the other side, with the strength of the Lord. I was blessed to see him just a few weeks later (I lived in Florida and he in Ohio, at the time) and there was a fire in his eyes. He bared his enormous scar for me to see, stating he wasn’t quite sure why God let him live. I was led to say, “because he has a purpose for you life.”

I sensed last week, that purpose was fulfilled – that he’d gotten things “right” with God. Sad circumstances over this past year further tore at his already broken heart that just couldn’t truly come back to life after Connie died – also from cancer. The answer I received in my spirit was the sadness in his heart encouraged the cancer to return, with a vengeance, in late July. Doctor’s gave him little time and no options, other than to die. (Thank GOD for hospice!) I wish they would outlaw the curse of death doctor’s are allowed to declare! So last week, knowing it was near, family gathered in the same place and manner as we did three years back only this time, it was to say our “see you later’s” to Joe.  Below is what the Lord imparted on my heart the next day:

We sent you up to heaven last night…
Grateful in our hearts God gave you the chance to get things right.
Although we will miss you, your sense of humor and ways
We know in our hearts there is no better place!
Your pastor said the words to your son, I whispered into your ear as you lay struggling for the next breath
“There is no cancer in heaven, no cancer in heaven…”
Not only will you now be at the side of The Bride, I pray your bride and you dance a top the clouds – spotless and without blemish – for we know with her is where you longed to be, since she left you here on earth.
Praise the Lord that you are now free for eternity!

Today, we lay your body in the earth so that it shall return to the dust from which man was created. But Praise the LORD in Heaven, your soul will not rest there: You, Connie and Jesus can all discuss the purpose of your shared pain and let it stay on earth while you accept your heavenly body, amen!

My heart is heavy today, but not without the peace and comfort of knowing…


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