Release the Rain, Released into Heaven

“RELEASE THE RAIN, RELEASED INTO HEAVEN” Written by: Stacey Louiso, June 7, 2017: In memory of my beloved dog, Zeus… Staring out through dirty panes of glass Eyes resting above the tree line Lingering, dark clouds rest Wondering glances interrupt processes Waiting for rain to be released down upon this place Hoping for a cleansing, Read More

Poem: Staring Back at Me

Gazing upon my human reflection I do not recognize “me” Instead, staring back, I see Power, Strength, Beauty, Purity Glory!   Eyes and face aglow, almost electric But I know what I know – that face belongs to Him   Moses wore a veil so no one would see YOUR presence overcoming he But, LORD, Read More

It’s Okay, Beloved (a poem)

It’s okay, Beloved, to let yourself feel That is how we learn to walk through fear Instead of pushing it all aside, building a wall or cowering inside Lean, breathe, be… Moments arise where the burning subsides Flowing in light and shining a light Those things you don’t want yourself to see, or be Give Read More