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Release the Rain, Released into Heaven


Written by: Stacey Louiso, June 7, 2017: In memory of my beloved dog, Zeus…

Staring out through dirty panes of glass

Eyes resting above the tree line

Lingering, dark clouds rest

Wondering glances interrupt processes

Waiting for rain to be released down upon this place

Hoping for a cleansing, sitting in painful memories

Desiring rain to wash clean what remains

Early morning on a late Spring day

Normally warmth the sun creates

Yet, these past few days a present chill

Resting on my skin, sensing You are near

Helping to release what pain remains

Stagnant, the clouds remain – withholding

Your will be done here

However, for now, emotions remain close

Stifling thoughts, inability to move

While waiting for rain to be freed of the clouds

Just as you, beloved, are now freed into heaven



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