Poem: God of all Creation

Stumbling upon stunning contrasts in the landscape, like life and death, cause mouths to fall agape. Brilliant, bountiful colors push through the ground, surprising what is dead, decaying. As one stumbles upon the scene, senses awaken in awe of all that is vibrant and birthing life. An unfelt breeze whips up dry, tender leaves, inspiring Read More

A Poem: The Change

How glorious it feels to experience Your artistry; At every glimpse, inspired by the colors of your palette.  Trees and communities awash in vibrancy; It’s amazing how You draw beauty from a dying thing. Each leaf takes on a new life in its final stage… Reminiscent of what You did for us – by drenching Read More

Poem: Staring Back at Me

Gazing upon my human reflection I do not recognize “me” Instead, staring back, I see Power, Strength, Beauty, Purity Glory!   Eyes and face aglow, almost electric But I know what I know – that face belongs to Him   Moses wore a veil so no one would see YOUR presence overcoming he But, LORD, Read More