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Poem: God of all Creation

Stumbling upon stunning contrasts in the landscape,

like life and death, cause mouths to fall agape.

Brilliant, bountiful colors push through the ground,

surprising what is dead, decaying.

As one stumbles upon the scene,

senses awaken in awe of all that is vibrant and birthing life.

An unfelt breeze whips up dry, tender leaves,

inspiring them into a whimsical dance amidst barren branches.

Propelled forth, accompanying one like God’s spirit along life’s path.

Brisk spring air fills with the sound of life,

as woodland creatures communicate secrets and forest finds.

God of all creation, your artistry so surreal.

God of all creation, what joy you must take in the richness of your love abloom.

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(c)StaceyLouiso 3/2017

2 thoughts on “Poem: God of all Creation”

  1. Beautiful poem! There is so much beauty in God’s creation, if we just take time to see and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing this great poem.


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