A Letter to the Body of Messiah: Be Productive Through Today’s Tribulation

But, most of all we need to be fasting and praying, if you aren’t, start NOW.
This is how we prepare, overcome and continue on. These are the tools that YHVH/God gave us in his word to help us both hear His voice and prompt a move of His ALMIGHTY hand. We are not being productive as a body and the time to do so is NOW.

Poem: Through the Long, Long Days, I Praise HIM

‘Twas a week of pains and gains Blessed assurance kept me afloat Through the long, long days, I praise Him The sun rose and set, beautifully His majesty streamed overhead Leaning hard on His strength Praying myself forward There is nothing behind me to glance at At least nothing I desire to see He holds Read More