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A Letter to the Body of Messiah: Be Productive Through Today’s Tribulation

Adonai shouts orders to his forces —
his army is immense, mighty,
and it does what he says.
For great is the Day of Adonai, fearsome,
terrifying! Who can endure it?

12 “Yet even now,” says Adonai,
“turn to me with all your heart,
with fasting, weeping and lamenting.”
13 Tear your heart, not your garments;
and turn to Adonai your God.
For he is merciful and compassionate,
slow to anger, rich in grace,
and willing to change his mind about disaster. (Joel 2:11-13 CJB)

Dear Brethren,
(Dear Children of Adonai – Mankind)
The Spirit of Adonai planted this very needed message in my spirit over a week ago and I implore you to read it through, pray on it (especially if it doesn’t resonate with you) and share if you feel so led. This is for ALL whom call Yeshua/Jesus (what ever name you have been led to call him by) LORD and Savior!
We as a body of Yeshua/Christ are falling into the hands of the enemy.
We are giving face-time to those working on Satan’s behalf through a global means of communication – social media, blogs, etc. We are making it easier for him to plant seeds of unrighteousness in the minds of those we influence. We are reposting their plans thus adding fuel to the fire. Giving him room to grow. Inducing fear where there should not be fear – because if you are under the covenant you should not fear anything but YHVH/God.
Thus, again, planting seeds of fear in the minds of those we influence.
Instead, we should be spreading education on what we are seeing (research such things as critical theory, critical theory in Christianity and share that information). For example: Share the messages that are positive coming out of the Black community especially from pastors – there are MANY!! Below are linked several I have watched and learned from:
But, most of all we need to be fasting and praying, if you aren’t, start NOW.
This is how we prepare, overcome and continue on. These are the tools that YHVH/God gave us in his word to help us both hear His voice and prompt a move of His ALMIGHTY hand. We are not being productive as a body and the time to do so is NOW.
Brethren, instead of walking under the cloud and fire of Adonai, we are getting caught up in the World’s way of doing things – fear mongering, fearful behavior and mind-sets, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the next social media post about what they are doing. Yes, we need to study their movement BUT not on social media or the media period – but by learning and understanding the moves our the enemy of this world. Study him, in the Word, in the educational material available from people who’ve been seeing this coming, from a social perspective, for years.
He has been preparing His body for this time of tribulation for over 2000 years, therefore we should not be surprised at what is going on around us. We should be spiritually sound, confident in WHO is in control and that in the end, if we are truly HIS, we are safe – no matter the outcome. Our jobs are to be examples YAH/God’s’s peace to those around us who do not believe and to shine His light into the darkness. To be wise and prudent. Steadfast to the end!
Blessings and Shalom,


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