A Word from The LORD, for Today, Through Jeremiah 24

“After Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim, king of Judah, and the officials of Judah with the craftsmen and smiths from Jerusalem and had brought them to Babylon, the Lord showed me: behold, two baskets of figs set before the temple of the Lord! 2 One basket had very Read More

Prophetic Word – Warriors for God

“Destroyers are come upon all the bare heights in the wilderness; for the sword of Jehovah devoureth from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh hath peace.” (Jeremiah 12:12 ASV) On July 10, 2017 God gave me a prophetic word, one that I needed to receive in Read More

How Do I Explain Prophetic Gifting?

How do I explain to those out there who do not have knowledge of, or operate in, the gifts of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. How do I explain that people in this age are given such gifts still. As it stated in the Holy Bible, those who have the indwelling of Read More