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Return of Messiah

Your Mission: Serve Where You Are Planted Part 1

Dear Brethren,

This is a letter to anyone and everyone who proclaims to be a Believer, Disciple of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, one walking with Yahweh/God…regardless of anything else you proclaim. It was laid upon my heart this morning after an encounter I had in my own backyard (almost literally) where the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly and sternly. He hopes this convicts you INTO ACTION! It is time, brothers and sisters, to take your heads out of the sand and be aware. The time to be wise as serpents is at hand! (Matt 10:16) Too many of you live in your own little world not actually understanding what you are called to do in your time here:
Share the good news of the gospel in anticipation of the second coming of the Lord.