Oh How He Loves Us

OH, How He LOVES Us…God loves us so much, he came to us incarnate so He could relate to us on a deeper level; a God who walked among his creation so he could SHOW us the power He contains, first hand. Giving his pride and joy (and we are this) a savior to whom Read More

Received (A poem)

I received YOU one day. Unrelenting. Unabashedly. Not for one moment did I look back.  Nor can I fathom ever doing as such.  Oh, how you fill me up! That hole in my heart, once swimming with sharks… Now overflowing: love. amazing grace. knowledge. My desires-shifted-from self to sanctification.  Salvation. You have shown me so Read More

Book Review: Real Faith-What’s at the Heart of the Gospel?

  Book Review: Real Faith: What’s at the Heart of the Gospel  By John Murray    For a Christian to read a primer on Christianity can be eye-opening.  Sometimes we may have either been less mindful of the fundamentals or perhaps are still learning if one is young in their walk.  For a non-Christian to come Read More