Release the Rain, Released into Heaven

“RELEASE THE RAIN, RELEASED INTO HEAVEN” Written by: Stacey Louiso, June 7, 2017: In memory of my beloved dog, Zeus… Staring out through dirty panes of glass Eyes resting above the tree line Lingering, dark clouds rest Wondering glances interrupt processes Waiting for rain to be released down upon this place Hoping for a cleansing, Read More

A Mother’s Heart and the Faith of a Child

I came across a post on Facebook shared by a Brother and friend, Dominic. He had just announced his engagement to a woman I have heard lovely things about (but yet to meet), named Ashby. After reading the post she penned on a group dedicated to praying for her and her young son, I asked Read More

Grieving for Her Eyes and Smile

My feet take a walk without me Honoring her, walking on sacred ground I do not know where they will lead, I only know where they’ve been The tears roll endlessly down Tracking memories, all the days spent… Please Lord never let me forget those days under the sun Never allow these memories to fade Read More