Jezebel Unleashed

  Jezebel Unleashed “…at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow…” (Philippians 2:10). Modern culture is not merely influenced by, it is in relationship with a jezebel spirit. False prophets, teachers and fallen pastors whom have submitted to the wrong spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Jezebel considered herself a prophet, and perhaps she was Read More

Walk Gracefully Through the Unexpected

Nothing in life truly surprises me any more. Yet, I recently told someone I don’t like surprises. That’s an oxymoron because life, when one is truly walking with Christ, is nothing but the unexpected. So much so, that I’ve honestly had to learn to walk gracefully through the unexpected. Over the years I have often Read More

Jesus Saves

The past almost year has been a roller coaster that I am so glad Jesus was riding with me. Just when I thought the waves had finally stopped crashing to the shore, a small tornado hit this past weekend. It disturbed my soul in a very deep place because it involved family. However, despite this Read More