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Jezebel Unleashed


Jezebel Unleashed

“…at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow…” (Philippians 2:10).

Modern culture is not merely influenced by, it is in relationship with a jezebel spirit. False prophets, teachers and fallen pastors whom have submitted to the wrong spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Jezebel considered herself a prophet, and perhaps she was of Baal (basically, Satan), but definitely not a vessel for the Almighty! She raised up a slew of her own false prophets and God took care of them after she had his anointed prophets murdered. One may wonder why God allowed the queen to live, only to realize it was to make her an example of who not to become!

I’m bringing up false prophets and teachers specifically (or people posing as the called) with reason. More often than not I cringe when someone professes to be a self-appointed prophet or apostle, because the spirit of discernment in me perks up:

When I see people claiming to be a prophet and asking to be paid for a Word or anointing from God, this makes my spirit squirm! I have called out people whom the Lord told me were not truth tellers, rather fortune or position seekers. Why you may ask? Because not once in scripture did God tell a prophet, major or minor, to go and give people a word for profit or position. Not once are we told to teach from a personal place that brings attention or pity to a person instead of glory to God! Did God provide for the Old Testament (OT) prophets? Yes. Did he use people to provide food and shelter, at times. However, God always had a purpose for sending a prophet to a specific person’s home: Normally to bless the person/family or to deepen their faith…usually both!

How often were the major prophets initially, if ever, well received? The message was not usually bright and prosperous! People take these “mantles” and put them on their own heads, then go out into the world seeking a profit from twisting the Word of God or spreading a prosperity gospel. Friend, simply because God gives someone a vision or dream doesn’t mean they are a “prophet”…it means he gave them a divine nugget and when he is ready, if it is HIS desire, will instruct them on how to use it. Not intending them to run out and give that vision away for money.

I have the same sense about the prophetic arts. Yes, there are some very gifted, profound artists that God has used, and uses today, as a vessel of Light (best known example, Michelangelo) but not everyone who puts a brush in hand, pen to paper, or sings a melody is with gift!  Can it be developed? From my perspective (as a singer and writer) only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in God’s timing. If one rushes ahead thinking they’ve got something, without hearing God say GO, DO…it may not be the Lord’s urging but another spirit. I suggest challenging it!

The spirit of Jezebel can use the most unsuspecting people as well. A personal, recent example: I had to step away from a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in a worship band because the woman placed as the lead singer (with no experience leading worship, rather a big stage presence) was drenched with a Jezebel spirit. I felt it just waiting to pounce on me at the first rehearsal. She heard me sing and wasn’t about to let that happen again; she immediately began to control and manipulate the band’s director away from allowing my voice to be heard, in lieu of her own. Her attitude toward me was catty as well.

Sadly, this poor woman, I suspect, has no idea, thus why I wrestled with the Holy Spirit greatly in whether or not to inform the directors. Per the Lord’s leading, I couldn’t be on stage with it, all things considered. These two young, Jesus loving, spirit filled, wonderful, life-long believers – had no clue. I was very prayerful about relaying this information and they took it most seriously. I exited the picture, as I’ve had to do in the past, so there was no chance of a battle raging between me and Jezebel, to prevent it from effecting others. I believe she has since been replaced.

The ways of the world are influenced greatly by the Jezebel spirit. The “world” is deceived. Christians and seekers can be just as easily deceived as non-believers. It is the job of those who truly possess a prophetic gifting, strongly paired with that of discernment (only imparted by being baptized in the Holy Spirit) to be the watchmen/women for the Lord. Protectors and information vessels. This is not an easy life to live so I have no clue why anyone would “run” to it other than for their own gain. Seriously, Elijah was one of God’s most powerful, respected prophets and even he ran far and fast away from Jezebel because he knew how possessed with evil she was. Isaiah and Jeremiah received death threats and punishments for their leadings. Jonah preferred to die than give a message to the people of Nineveh, about their future. But God saved and preserved them all for His glory.

The divine inspiration and authority of the OT prophetic voice is nowhere more clearly affirmed than in 2 Peter 1:20–21: “No prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. (Sam Storms, The Gospel Coalition website, 10/8/15 read full article here)

I pray those individuals whom have come forth and anointed themselves as “Prophets for Profit” repent, immediately. Remember, Jezebel of the Bible was only stopped, literally, by being killed and her body publicly eaten by dogs. Quite dramatic, yet a fitting demise! (A little humor, sorry!) Yet! Jesus died on the cross even for Jezebel. He came as the savior of this world. No one is too evil, depressed or far gone, to be loved back to life by Christ, but he cannot insert himself into a heart without truly being invited. I pray that anyone who recognizes this spirit within themselves will turn to the Lord and first, ask Him to deliver them, second, allow the Lord to pour himself into their hearts, minds and spirits and lead you to victory in Jesus’ name! Again, nothing is impossible with God. 


Friends: This series and most writing had come to a bit of a halt due to the fact I’ve been under spiritual attack, or rather my health has, for several weeks. As hard as I try not to be distracted when I write, illness (esp. fever) doesn’t help me focus on the Word or assist in my ability to be certain I’m in unity with the Holy Spirit. I actually sat to write a note stating this series would be continued in the coming week, however as I typed those words, the Holy Spirit said otherwise. Then, after typing an entire message, after reading it again, hit delete because I knew it wasn’t what God intended to say…I covet your prayers as I continue steadfastly in and toward what the Lord desires… There is one more installment of this series. If you missed the first several you can find them here, here and here. 🙂

The battle is what happens when you anger the devil himself, he pulls out his heaviest artillery. This is why we are given so many clues in the Bible about spiritual warfare. Yes, it is plainly written from Genesis to Revelation for those with eyes to see and spirits ready to receive. God equipped his generals with it and honestly I believe it is what makes the Old Testament so relative to us still: it is a battle plan that points directly to the Lord. Some battle plans went wrong, and that was because people went ahead of God. However, when they were tuned into His voice, mighty walls miraculously came tumbling down. (Joshua 6)

“On the seventh day, they got up at daybreak and marched around the city seven times in the same manner, except that on that day they circled the city seven times. The seventh time around, when the priests sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the army, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the city! The city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the Lord.” (Joshua 6:15-17)

4 thoughts on “Jezebel Unleashed”

  1. Yes! Stacey, this is sooo good! Be encouraged in Christ for you are NOT alone! I have been there too in the church with the Jezebel Spirit, having to step away from ministry opportunities because it was running rampant. It also ran rampant during my childhood and stole my life!! And as I got stronger and fought, and shared truth about Jesus Christ, guess what happened? Yep, we got sick.. our family.. chronic illness! I told the devil to get lost in the name of Jesus, that I wasn’t quitting.. and I haven’t. I’d like to talk to you about the spiritual warfare we have done in our family under Holy Spirit guidance of a very wise pastor, for our protection and health of our future! And would you know, I’m getting ready to finish my blog about Jezebel in a couple weeks. Yours might be a good one to accompany mine at The Silver Lining. It should be out before two Weeks, in God’s perfect timing for my theme: healing, at Renouncea Jezebel spirit in your life and hold it has on you, or your family members, in Jesus’ name . Ask forgiveness for any sins you or your forefathers have committed to cause it to attach to you; ask forgiveness in Jesus’ name, and ask God to set you free! Bind and rebuke the Jezebel spirit in Jesus’ name. Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and set you on the path of truth. Go forward in trust and faith! Here’s a post to encourage you.. I have sooo been there! Keep writing for God; he is your shelter! I will be praying for you! This post is for you! Let me know if it rings true!! God bless you my sister in Christ, in Jesus’ name! ❤️

    1. Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for your boldness. Jezebel and I have a long HIStory. She is not welcome in my present or future, and knows it! By the power of Jesus Christ’s blood flowing through my every fiber, I do not receive this spirit and have rebuked her and taken back authority over my life by the power imparted by the Holy Spirit by whom I am baptized in Jesus’ name. I’ll email you directly as I know you’re recovering from surgery! Blessing over your house sister! Amen and amen! Be well and at peace.

  2. As a vocalist myself I’ve been hurt too,& noticed certain church’s go for the big, showy voices, etc and not for the character. It’s just made me understand what kind of church I’m best suited for, figure out what I’m hoping to get from a church. I’ve got some great instruction from solid people on TV, as I need God thru the week! I’m seeing how some are calling themselves ‘prophets’, it’s spooky but I know thee times are weird.

    1. I pray you’ve allowed healing for your hurts in this area Diane! There is nothing wrong with talent, but if you one is leading “WORSHIP” then they need to actually have a right relationship with the Lord because their lives can impact others and what they carry around with them (spirits, etc) can also affect people around them. Keep seeking and keep walking beside the One who is truth. Love in Christ sister! Stacey


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