My life is out of MY control, I sense in my heart, mind & spirit that I have (finally) reached a place of surrender that has allowed God to forge ahead with his plans for my life. Divine inspiration, flowing abundantly; ability to resist things which are hard, greater! The path, more defined. If you’ve ever reached Read More

HHiL-Research: Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability.

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability From time to time, I will be sharing some of my sources of research for How Hard is Love with you, my potential audience. This is one instance and I am so excited to share ANYTHING that I find from Brene Brown. I am also a huge fan/advocate of Read More

Being of Service: What Does it TRULY Mean?

This post was inspired by unfortunate events, that of the natural disaster kind: Parts of my hometown, in Ohio, was destroyed by a tornado on March 2, 2012. This morning while outside on a jog a message was piecing itself together. Therefore, I am just going to let it flow, organically, into this first blog Read More