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HHiL-Research: Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability.

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

From time to time, I will be sharing some of my sources of research for How Hard is Love with you, my potential audience.
This is one instance and I am so excited to share ANYTHING that I find from Brene Brown. I am also a huge fan/advocate of which is where I initially discovered Brown with her amusing and amazing talks on topics such as shame and vulnerability–which are her areas of expertise. (Brown is a researcher in Social Science at the University of Houston [TX].)
This TED talk is on vulnerability. I shared this with everyone I thought might benefit from it after I viewed it. I know this information to be true, from personal experience.

Click on the link below and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “HHiL-Research: Brene Brown, The Power of Vulnerability.”

  1. Either as a stubborn opismtit, or as a guy who just reached a round number age (and the assumed right to pontificate), I believe we are perhaps more civil than in times past.I have plenty of black-and-white memories of race riots, war riots and political assassinations. Today’s disputes are loud and sometimes ugly, but physical violence seems to be at the hand of an occasional unhinged individual (for whom civility-incivility is not an issue).When these senseless events do occur, all I know to do is to pray for the victims and their families and to speak words that minister grace to the hearers . Anyway, back to our history take a peak at the political pamphlets and cartoons from our nation’s founding or the Civil War. There’s some mean-spirited rhetoric!Thank you for asking the question and allowing me to weigh in.

    1. Your comment is not relevant at all to the subject so maybe you meant to post this pontification, elsewhere. 🙂 The topic of the video is Vulnerability and reaching a spiritual “aha” so to speak; of the book: love and why it is so hard to achieve it individually.

    2. Connection to something bigegr than myself is my biggest hunger. It’s always been a bit mystical, but my experience is that this hunger only gets fully satisfied by God. I’ve had transcendent encounters through relationships, landscapes, music and sex awesome as they are, these things are all, for lack of a better word, incomplete. The palpable moments with the Holy Spirit are the ones that satisfy my hunger and sustain me. That’s why I believe because God is the only one/thing that completes me .Thanks to 5 for Fighting for providing the sentimental soundtrack that spurred this reply. Beautiful post, Andi.

  2. in Brene brown ted talk can anyone identify the assumption made by the speaker.

    and describe any evidence given to support these assumption


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