Poem: God of all Creation

Stumbling upon stunning contrasts in the landscape, like life and death, cause mouths to fall agape. Brilliant, bountiful colors push through the ground, surprising what is dead, decaying. As one stumbles upon the scene, senses awaken in awe of all that is vibrant and birthing life. An unfelt breeze whips up dry, tender leaves, inspiring Read More

A Poem: A Change of Season

As I sit soaking in Your creation, the base of a wise tree before me, preparing… for a change of season. Singular leaves fall, quietly. Slowly drifting downward from an unknown height; ever knowing their flight will land them safely down. This is a sanctuary, a sacred place where many a foot has tread the Read More

A Poem: Light Through Heavy Seasons

  Today, I witnessed people caught in a leaf-fall, Oh, what a glorious sight to see! Someone standing amidst a grove of trees, Arms raised at such beauty, Reveling in the workings of Your ways. How you time every…little…thing: From a branch crashing to the ground, To a wind-fall of seeds. Spider webs spun in Read More