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A Poem: A Change of Season


As I sit soaking in Your creation,

the base of a wise tree before me,


for a change of season.

Singular leaves fall, quietly.

Slowly drifting downward from an unknown height;

ever knowing their flight will land them safely down.

This is a sanctuary,

a sacred place where many a foot has tread the hills and sought peace of mind.

A place for souls to rest in You,

for You are omnipresent.

Your whisper is a wind that moves through the trees,

rustling leaves into a trickling motion.

Yet therein remains a stillness found only, truly and perpetually, in You:

Creator. Creation. Creating.

Oneness. Stillness. Peace.

My soul rests in You (LORD of all creation).


(Stacey Louiso, 9/24/2016 – written while on a hike at the Cincinnati Nature Center)


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