As you Wonder Down That Path Adonai May Be Testing You Part 3: Reflection

Recently, the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit has been bringing me to a place of reflection. I believe this is in preparation for the coming Passover season, as we are to clean the leaven (sin) from our homes (lives) during this time. He reminded me of the second part in this series of posts and then provoked Read More

Did God Intend to Change Me? (Part 1)

Part 1: Sign Your Name Across My Heart As only He can, Jesus has picked up the pieces of my shattered heart, and hand-sewn it back together. Yes, “hand-sewn” not glued. Glue is a quick and sometimes temporary fix, however, hand-sewing a thing takes time and patience; it takes skill. Jesus definitely has mad sewing Read More

Pulling Back the Shades on Sexuality

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned joining a group of women who have come together to promote a new book titled, Pulling Back the Shades. I purposely left out the subtitle at that time because I wanted people to gain curiosity over the content. Today, I share the subtitle as I purpose to review the Read More