Down but Never Out: Keeping my Eyes Fixed on God – Part 1

It has been way too long since I sat down to write a blog post here. It isn’t for lack of desire, rather lack of time and mental capacity. Inability to get out onto a page what has been hidden in my head and heart. The only thing I want to portray is how blessed I Read More

Catch and Release

My Father in Heaven, he knows me. Upon creating me, he instilled a need for serenity that seems to be found best while lost (alone) in the woods. Perhaps, it is part of my genetic composure, with my Native American roots running deep into the forests of Appalachia. Or better still, a greater measure of Read More

Heartfelt Rant

  Please, recognize…” I ” AM NOT THAT STRONG… I feel – deeply – not just my emotions, also those of others Being that susceptible…both a blessing and a burden People don’t seem to realize, I too am human, with human needs, that more often than not, go unmet But thank the Lord, underneath it Read More