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Heartfelt Rant

July 4th 2009-Naples - 08


Please, recognize…” I ” AM NOT THAT STRONG…

I feel – deeply – not just my emotions, also those of others

Being that susceptible…both a blessing and a burden

People don’t seem to realize, I too am human, with human needs, that more often than not, go unmet

But thank the Lord, underneath it all, where a lifelong journey is stored up, in deep wells…lies true joy


All that those around me want to see, is unshakable strength…

I sit silently, for quite simply, rarely does one ask

Therefore they do not know all that it sometimes takes, to love and give without receiving; accepting that’s just how life is…

Admittedly, in the moments when the damn bursts, and the cleansing streams flow, I feel alien

Yet, that’s how it has always been

Trust that it takes its toll…


Without the reminders put before me, by God, to keep doing what I do;

To keep walking with Him, through tears and fears…no matter how alone I feel.

Without HIS strength to push me from sunset to sunrise, I might prefer to shrug the world; to disappear.

However, HE gives me purpose

Therefore, I pick my “stuff” up from the floor, put it away, and walk amongst you yet another day.


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