Update on My Friend’s Situation

I want to thank anyone who had been praying for my friend Keith. The Father saw fit to have mercy and take him on to glory on 12/29/22, rather than to keep him here with us. I will share something amazing: This past Saturday (12/24/22) night The Father, spoke to Mandy and me at the same Read More

Visions Shrouded in Darkness and Death Part 2

NOTE: I wrote this post a couple of weeks prior to posting… I don’t even know where or how to begin. It is overwhelming, all that I am seeing in the Spiritual and how pieces of biblical prophecy are playing out in not only my mind but before my eyes in articles and books – Read More

An Ode to Joe and God

As we bury my cousin Joe today, next to his bride of several decades, who passed before him a little over three years ago…I felt the Lord impress upon my heart in the dark of the night, to share my heart. This in hopes His words and love in this message, will reach those who Read More