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Visions Shrouded in Darkness and Death Part 2

NOTE: I wrote this post a couple of weeks prior to posting…

I don’t even know where or how to begin. It is overwhelming, all that I am seeing in the Spiritual and how pieces of biblical prophecy are playing out in not only my mind but before my eyes in articles and books – some new, some old. At the end of the day, the Word I received back in March of 2020 continues to come full-circle and be added to in uncomfortable ways.

The Visions

In this portion I want to provide a quick description of the visions I began having on August 20, 2021.  I didn’t understand at all what they meant so when I finally “got” it, I literally slapped myself on the forehead. For 4 days I continually received a vision of my former spouse sitting at an airport with a backpack next to him. This was an actual occurrence from my past. On an occasion where I picked him up from the airport (before we were married) I saw upon him a cloud of darkness and his face was covered in what appeared to be death (spiritually speaking).  As you might imagine why I was confused – with it being a scene that had actually come from my life; however,  Elohim does this to me at times so I knew I needed to pray and not presume. He also kept giving me a scripture verse I often received during the marriage (again adding to my questioning what it meant):
Luke 8:17 “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” (NASB)

I kept sensing that something was coming in the Middle East. If you read that prophetic word linked above from 2020, you’ll see that even then Elohim had turned my attention eastward. Afghanistan had just fallen as a nation, so I believed what was to come would transpire there. Elohim kept showing me it would only be the beginning, that the Taliban taking back control was a catapult for something more…
But, the vision was not clear nor was why I kept receiving that scripture, until that horrible day: August 26, 2021. My heart broke that morning – I was at work so had to keep it together while being flooded spiritually.  It wasn’t until about 12:15PM, while I was at home and in my own space, that it hit me: THE VISIONS – darkness and death at an airport (and my former spouse’s appearance – he was dark haired with a long beard).

The Father has been showing me what was about to happen at the Kabul airport. I almost fell backward in my chair. I immediately texted a couple of people who I could share this with so I had witnesses before I shared it publicly. (It has taken me a while to sit down and write this for various reasons.) But, I also wanted to wait because the rest of what I’d been receiving had yet to fully come to light. Then, the sequences I received came to light: He showed me how the evacuees were going to be infiltrated with members of the Taliban, ISIS, etc. And, that two days later, while reading news from Europe, reports of this were coming out. The refugees landed in Northern Africa and Europe first, including places where refugees were being held before coming to the United States.

This was the verse from Luke 8 beginning to unfold. This was the next phase of the bad figs spoken of in Jeremiah 24, except this time they weren’t being killed. No, this time friends, biblical prophecy has truly begun to play itself out before our very eyes. What I received is that those who made it through, either unknowingly or knowingly, across the globe were the flames the fuse lines of the sleeper cells of the terrorist organizations, planted across the globe, needed, to be activated. Days after news broke of the watch lists members being discovered in groups, a couple of low-key geopolitical journalists began saying the exact same thing I had received.

Prophecy Unfolding

One only needs to have read the future time prophecies in the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel and parts of Revelation to see what is happening. I’ve been led to dig  deeply into eschatology over the past year and a half, and scrutinizing what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East. Studying eschatology has confirmed what my spirit man is hearing from its Creator. Despite what I’ve learned, I have deep peace – Shalom – over it. Not because it’s all going to be rosy in the end – well. it will, but only for those who’ve done their due diligence in repenting, cleansing sin from their lives and are PREPARED to meet their Bridegroom in white garments of righteousness (I am ironically writing this just after Yom Kippurim ended – The Day of Atonement when our Jewish brother and sisters who don’t know Messiah as Yeshua/Jesus ask to receive atonement for the past year’s sin)…

…which coincidentally is also what Islam believes will occur in the coming of their Savior. Atonement. Righteousness. Deliverance. They also believe it is their calling to rid the world of those who live in sin; and, as I’ve found in my research, something much darker. Did you know that the Q’uran (the Muslim religion’s version of scripture) contains the idea of a “New World Order?” I’m not an alarmist nor do I spend time on that notion in my writing (or pay too much attention to that phrase when I see it elsewhere) but when I recently discovered this I began praying for deep wisdom and understanding on what is happening both in our country and the world at large.

May the LORD bless you and keep you, friends!


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