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Visions Shrouded in Darkness and Death Part 1

This is all I will say, rather show, for now…a more in depth post will follow (part 2) because The Father has asked me to share the visions he gave me since August 20th, leading up to this tragedy.
No, wait! I will say this:
If you aren’t praying for His Kingdom to be ushered in soon, for The Father’s direction and protection in the days ahead, I certainly hope you start. What happened in Kabul, Afghanistan today is only the beginning of more of the same to come. If you believe you’re going to be raptured up into heaven before the tribulation, spoken of in the Holy Bible, begins…you’d better take a good long look around you, friends! You’re very deceived – it is being ushered in around you now.

The  fatality and injury count as of the evening of August 26, 2021, of this act of evil: 13 U.S. Marines killed, 90 dead, 150 critically injured



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