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Update on My Friend’s Situation

I want to thank anyone who had been praying for my friend Keith. The Father saw fit to have mercy and take him on to glory on 12/29/22, rather than to keep him here with us.

I will share something amazing:
This past Saturday (12/24/22) night The Father, spoke to Mandy and me at the same time. She was at the hospital and I was at my house. He told us both Keith needed to repent…I said, well, you’ll need to tell Mandy…not much I can do but pray.
And, He gave her the words to lead Keith into repentance and asking the Father to forgive him of his sins. On Sunday they put him in a medically induced coma.
On Monday night (12/26/22), I drove up to Abingdon, VA to the hospital to see them. I had to wait because of the horrible weather we had the previous couple of days. It was my honor and privilege to pray for Keith and Mandy, separately. She was in tears the entire time and her heart shattered.

While my hope all of this was of course The Father would resurrect Keith, we simply do not know what His great plans are. We know now His plan was grace and mercy upon a man who struggled and was in need of healing.
Now, Keith is healed; he truly was a gentle and sweet soul. He was 45 years old.

Mandy is devastated! Please, if you are so led, keep her in your prayers.
I believe when I talked to her on Thursday (12/29/22), The Father used me to intervene in something she was about to or considering doing that wasn’t good for her. Today, she still cannot wrap her head around his death.
I cannot pretend to understand what she is feeling after losing the love of her life, after only 8 years of marriage.

Let us remember how precious each day is; let us not take our days for granted!


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