Appearance on Mom’s of Miracles Facebook live June 15, 2019

Hello friends! I pray this finds you well! It has been a busy time for me as of late but I have something exciting to share. In case you do not follow my Facebook or Twitter for this website, or haven’t been online, I wanted to share the link to a Facebook live video from Read More

The LORD is Delivering His Daughters from Generations of Bondage

The LORD thy God is in our midst daughters! His desire is to see hundreds if not thousands of years of bondage, broken off of us. Bondage passed down through the generations, from mothers to daughters, fathers to daughters. Husbands to wives. Its name is ugly and it wreaks havoc of the worst kind on our Read More

Rebuking Ungodly Spirits-Python Spirit part 3

This last installment of the series on the Spirit of Python took some time for me to feel led to write. Mostly because I was in the midst of my own re-deliverance from this demonic spirit, and I am indeed delivered, praise Jesus!  Achieving such freedom wasn’t immediate; the lifting of its presence began once Read More