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Rebuking Ungodly Spirits-Python Spirit part 3

This last installment of the series on the Spirit of Python took some time for me to feel led to write. Mostly because I was in the midst of my own re-deliverance from this demonic spirit, and I am indeed delivered, praise Jesus!  Achieving such freedom wasn’t immediate; the lifting of its presence began once I obeyed where the Lord was leading at that time, as well as listening and searching for guidance in the Bible and other resources on the topic. However, deliverance did not begin until I was led into, and obedient, to fasting and praying for a few days. As Jesus directs in Mathew 17 verse 21: “Howbeit this kind goeth out but by prayer and fasting.” You see, some ungodly spirits simply decide they are staying put, such as the case in Matthew 17:13-21 where a boy was inflicted with a lunatic spirit, which the disciples could not cast out, so in turn the boy’s father brought him directly to Jesus. 

It was no coincidence the Pastor at the church I attend delivered a sermon on this very same set of scriptures today. The Holy Spirit has been filling my mind with the particulars of this post for days; I had prayed for a sign the Lord was ready for me to conclude the series, and how. You see, I may not ever be able to avoid contact with the spirit of python, unless or until my sister makes a true decision for Christ. (Plus, I’m certain to come across others participating with it.) To put it frankly, my sister is in bed with this spirit. I mentioned some time ago I haven’t felt led to share more of what we’ve been walking through with her because my heart is so broken over her circumstance, I simply cannot put my tent pegs down in my thoughts of her for long. 

Last summer we had high hopes that my sister (Michelle) truly meant it when she said she was ready to leave her environment behind. We hoped she meant this as also getting clean from drug addiction. Sadly, this didn’t last long nor do I believe in hindsight she actually intended to allow rehabilitation – Michelle was making strides out of fear of a long-term jail sentence. A week shy of getting her parole transferred to where I live (where she is from) my sister was arrested once again for possession and trafficking of heroin and meth. This time, the judge put her in jail and threw away the proverbial key. That was in mid-September of 2017. She was finally sentenced on February 5, 2018 to a one year jail term. 

As hopeful as we were as a family she’d be released into a long-term rehab, God saw the full picture and I truly believe His will was indeed imparted in the indictment. Why? The following day my sister’s father died. I believe with my whole heart if she had been sent to rehab in the days following, she would have left, used and only God knows what would have happened to her from there. The history regarding her father, Doug, in itself is a long difficult story, but his choices in life were also the door-point of my sister’s issues, from before she was even born. He too was in bed with the devil and the spirit of python. He was an addict and that abuse was one of the door-points for its entrance into the lives of our tiny family. That he allowed my sister to be abused and traumatized, over and over and over,  from childhood until the day she turned 18 and fled that house, led her to this path. We only know part of the story as she has buried everything that happened to her so deep she doesn’t know how to find or cope with it and cling to the Light. 

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

I do not know how God chooses to instill strength into us individually; who he allows to be weak in this life we live on earth. What I do know is that He has a purpose for everything. How is it that I lived with this man for eight miserable years during my formative years, yet looked at who he was and determined to not become like him. Whereas my sister, his biological daughter, lived in his midst and ended up exactly like him. The only explanation I can hold onto is generational iniquity. Michelle’s inability to see past the onslaught of emotional pain after a childhood of abuse and trauma – including being fed the lie she is mentally ill while being put on prescription drugs as a teenager – led her to choose substance abuse because it’s all she knew (part of that long story and not mine to tell). 

In the verse above from John 10:10, a hard truth is given to us by the Lord Jesus. Over several verses prior, Jesus talks about being the ‘door of the sheep’ and in order to be truly saved (from a life of destruction by sin), we must enter into the door through Him. Why? Because He is the shepherd who lays across the entry to the sheepfold at night to protect them from thieves, from their enemies. We are the sheep and only the LORD can truly protect us from Satan himself. Not merely Satan, but ourselves.

But here is the kicker – at one point in his youth (if not from birth) Doug, my sister’s father, was introduced to the Lord. And he didn’t just grow up in the church, his dad was a wonderful and beloved Pastor for many years. Doug’s issues began during a high school football game where, as a player, he broke his back. That was the enemy’s gateway because he in turn became addicted to the drugs prescribed to relieve his pain. He then moved on to marijuana and alcohol and dabbled with hard drugs. His back was fine – he went on to become a construction worker – but the door-point was open, and the choice to continue using drugs was his. So too has my sister known the Lord from a young age, yet has chosen to participate in the sins of her father.  My sister at times seemed to wear this similarity between then like a badge. That my friends is a characteristic of Satan. 

So what is the answer for people like them who choose to participate with  ungodly spirits? Jesus.

And, likewise, for people like me who are not given a choice but it’s made for them by people in their lives who participate with such spirits? Jesus.

However, it’s a decision deeper than just saying one believes, it includes a decision to die to self. To kill one’s flesh. When someone is addicted – whether it is to drugs, control and power, or to attention – the spirit of python nor one’s fleshly desires should be fed when overcoming is the honest goal. A complete life change is necessary and that means submitting one’s entire self to The Lord Jesus Christ, then allowing the Holy Spirit entrance so he can first open up one’s spirit to God so he can then begin to renew the mind (Romans 12:1-2). Thus allowing a heart change to occur because if the condition of the heart remains hard and embittered everything else is pointless. 

I pray fervently this occurs in my sister’s life, that she will allow God full access to her soul so it can be shaken free from the enemy’s grip on her. But still I must protect myself from her as well. Every time our mother and I are driving to the jail to visit, my spirit man boils. I cannot handle on my own accord the anger I have toward the devil and knowing my sister is under his influence. Every time,  the enemy tries pitting us against one another while I’m there, because he knows my godly influence upon her is stronger than him. But I also have had to learn not to rumble with that spirit in her, because it’s an opening for the enemy to seep into my own life. 

Again, it is so very imperative to be alert and discerning in thought, speech and deed when dealing with the Spirit of Python because it is sneaky and watchful for ways to slip up our leg and wrap itself around us in attempt to squeeze the very life from our souls. Don’t fall prey – I urge you to pray against and rebuke it if you ever catch the slightest glimpse of it in a person. 

In the case of the man who brought his boy to Jesus and asked for deliverance, he came humbly believing Jesus could help. If a person afflicted with this (or any ungodly spirit) doesn’t come to a place of repentance and fully embrace what Jesus offers, a life more abundant and of freedom, they may remain entangled with spirits such as python, even if they claim to know God. I am not saying it’s impossible to stop using drugs or drinking on one’s own, what seems impossible is being truly untangled from the spirits that attach themselves to a person. There is hope for deliverance and healing it just comes with a lot of sacrifice. 

My Prayer: Father God, thank you for instilling in your children the gift of discernment through the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, to be our mentor in how to defeat the pawns of the enemy in the form of evil in this world. For helping us discern deceit and giving us the boldness to rebuke and cast out such things. With you, Lord, as our cornerstone, we are able. Through you, Lord, we have the power to change our circumstance. Thank you Jesus for your own obedience while walking this earth, for leaving us with your Holy Spirit to guide and empower us against the wiles of our eternal enemy.  I praise you God, I praise you Jesus – for only YOU are worthy of it. Our flesh is so weak yet you love us so much you have shared parts of yourselves with your children to enable them to overcome even the worst of the worst that could come against us in this earthly life. Thank you for Your grace and mercy upon us. There is none like You, none. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen. 

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