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Rebuking Ungodly Spirits – Python Spirit

Part 1

I sometimes go deep into the spiritual side of a life lived for Christ in my writings. One thing that creates a hindrance in the walk of many disciple’s of Christ is spiritual warfare. The tests of the enemy, and the ungodly spirits he sets against us, at times shake our very soul. Thus the importance of Ephesians 6:11 where Christians are directed to “put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” We are also to rebuke any ungodly spirits in our midst.

Don’t be fooled by society into believing such things as spiritual attacks aren’t real and a threat. It has become so “normal” and acceptable to expect to see and be of deviance, in the United States especially, any truly God-fearing person should want to escape – not turn their heads back to look. However, many among us are so enamored by what they don’t understand, they cannot help but look back longingly. So, instead of being the salt of the earth, they simply become a pillar of tasteless, useless salt (spiritually).

Don’t you think there is a reason John tells us to “believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (I John 4:1) In this case the root of the Greek word for ‘prophets’, pseudoprophetes (meaning imposter) comes from “pseudes” which means erroneous, deceitful, wicked. (Spirit here means spiritual life, angel or demon.)*

As I prayerfully sat to read in the Word of God just before opening up a blank page on which to type, I was caught in a verse in Revelation 2 and it very much described a scenario I was in from late August until early December of 2017. Although what I was up against didn’t take place in a church, rather a home, it shows me how God knows to relay these instances in life better than me. “…I know the blasphemy…a synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:10 – I left out the part about those saying they are Jews as not to give the impression this was about a Jewish family, it is not.)

Personal Example

I’ve been led to provide a personal example of what being under spiritual attack by an ungodly spirit might be like:

I was working in an environment (as a personal assistant) that apparently gave much room to Satan. I discerned something wasn’t right in the first weeks I was employed, especially where the children were concerned. As time went on, I knew in the deepest realm of my soul what I was seeing. It was overwhelming me in every way, not being able to say anything. One day I pulled aside one of the children’s caregivers and flat-out asked her if she noticed anything concerning in their physical and emotional behavior and she confirmed what the Holy Spirit was showing me. It was apparent in the kids, dog, and house. Even in the way the woman for whom I worked stated she needed to treat me, literally stating she expected I would simply take it without being sensitive, nor stand up for myself.

“Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.” (Revelation 2:10b)

The longer I stayed at this job, the more physically ill I grew, yet couldn’t even hear God’s voice telling me to get out. My concern for the children and the dog overrode my own wellbeing. I believed that having access to at least their home would allow me to pray for them, over the home and usher in the Spirit of God. I sensed this was the purpose of my being there. Amazingly, how I went about accomplishing anything at all while at work, while in pain,  was in a state of ceaseless prayer, praising and worshipping the One True God – while the devil’s spirits swarmed around and came against me.

Calling the spirit by name

I was having serious issues with my digestion; every time I was en route to work it was as if something wrapped itself around my intestines and stomach, then squeezed tight. The pain grew so severe I found myself unable to catch my breath and was often brought to tears. I knew it wasn’t my diet because that is healthy. One day I prayed so hard through the pain and begged the Lord to show me what was coming against me, and He finally did: a Python spirit.

It was odd because I normally discern spirits quickly. Relieved to have wisdom, I rebuked and prayed against it and instantly felt a release from my body. I wish I could say it stayed away but at least I now had ammunition against Satan. I had his number and called to tell him he is defeated! I was earnestly trying to find other employment, however, wasn’t certain God wanted me to end my tenure. I couldn’t do anything about what I knew because I had no physical evidence and that was like torture coming from my background.

One day I stumbled upon evidence (albeit, temporary evidence) of what these people are involved in and understood the knowledge was for my eyes only, to gain insight into the situation. I was listening to a program one day relating to said discovery when I heard one word alerting me to my state of being in this work relationship: Slave. I can’t verbally explain but hearing that word unlocked something within my spirit. Immediately I said aloud, “I am no longer a slave to the bondage of the enemy and am determined to stay that way in Jesus’ name!”

The woman I worked for would not even speak to me face to face after a couple of months; I attribute that to the many prayers sent up and the Light of Christ burning her eyes. For no matter how badly she falsely accused or spoke down to me – even in moments of necessary firmness – I was kind. This, only possible through God’s agape love and knowing He loves her and desires her heart; Christ Jesus gave me empathy for her. Additionally, I was praying for her and the husband as much as the children. I prayed for light to be shined on the horrible darkness surrounding them.

God did give me a glimmer of hope through the middle child: Although young – they attend a Catholic school – and she was not only hearing about, but grasping onto the love of Christ and sharing it with her siblings. I would find letters this seven-year-old wrote to God and Jesus professing a love for them. She would talk with her siblings about what she learned about God forgiving people, even very bad people, and how we are also to forgive. I prayed over and over she would never lose this love, and His love within her would  permeate, moving the entire family closer to God Almighty.

Squeezed till the end, and after

It wasn’t until being released from the position unexpectedly (not “fired”, as they ‘decided to go a different direction with the position’) that the python truly began to release itself from my around my body. I was left not knowing if God wanted me to speak to the mother, stating what I recognized, or turn them in. Instead of answering, He took away the concern and restored his peace within: mind, body and spirit.

It took nearly two weeks of not being in the environment for my digestion to return to some semblance of healthy. It took even longer for me to read the Bible and deeply receive again the love of God, his healing words. This was probably more difficult than being ill, knowing that something was binding up my mind. 

I had been in prison but for much longer than ten days. In fact, I could still feel the Python spirit’s presence slithering around me until a week or more ago, then I was led to fast; as Jesus taught us, some things will not come out but by fasting and prayer. This act of faith and submission to God, as always, redeemed and refined me, melting away anything attached to my soul that is not of Him. I’m now fighting the good fight more than I’m struggling, but I still require ample rest, plus much soaking in God’s presence and in the Bible to keep me lifted. The Python is a taker and the spirit took my income and attacked my health; in fact, I’m still searching for a job after a month. BUT,  God’s grace is sufficient for me and he continues to provide for my needs, while covering me with comfort and peace. 

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches (body of Christ). He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death” (Revelation 2:11)

NOTE: Last fall I write a short post dispelling a secret I couldn’t share because it was not my secret – well, this post is as much detail on said “secret” I am able to share. I did so because I now feel released by the Lord to be open. I’ve had to dig very deeply into my spiritual well to keep myself afloat physically and spiritually during this time. Trusting God and God alone was and is of the utmost importance as I walk through this valley.  The enemy is doing what he does best right before we reach our callings in big ways. I have no doubt the devil is after me. Firstly, because I was exalting the Lord in “his house” and secondly, I’m about to release a memoir full of his dirty secrets into the world! Well Python – my GOD is greater, amen!! 

*Source: Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Image is cropped from the book cover of Jentezen Franklin’s book, The Spirit of Python: Exposing Satan’s Plan to Squeeze the Life Out of You 


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